Why are so many Democrats not supporting President Obama for reelection? What have we learned and heard from readers of our story?

Corinne and I bought Mitt Romney's Park City, Utah home and wrote a story of our experiences. From a strong grassroots effort it has been read by more people than we could have ever imaged. When we first met Mitt we were not thinking of him as a candidate. The 2008 election had just ended. We’re not political people, as we state in our story. We learned a lot about Mitt's character while buying the home and were able to see important characteristics that indicated a down-to-earth, grounded, smart, experienced and extremely well-centered individual.

As time has gone by, we have become convinced that he’ll be this same down-to-earth man we saw if he becomes President and that his policies and agenda are just what America needs.

Today many Americans are hurting and face crushing challenges. Too many are struggling to find work. More Americans are facing a world of problems they never imagined. The problems of our country are not about the wealthy versus the poor or the haves versus the have-nots. It is about leadership, the experience to solve the challenges that face us, and the backbone to follow through.

Leadership is not just about the leader. It is about the person who helps the rest of us become successful. Rather than lead followers, a true leader provides a path and convinces us to pursuit a course we would not otherwise take. Americans are interconnected and dependent on each other for our individual and combined successes. It is counterproductive trying to solve our problems by turning one group of us against another. A president who does this does not lead or unite our country. A true leader is compassionate by giving of themselves, showing us the path to success and not by advocating redistribution of what belongs to others.

The fundamental foundation of America comes from its financial success. The problems of the middle class, health care, taxes, debt, foreign policy and, social issues are all are directly connected and can be solved by people having sustainable, well-paying jobs. Create the environment to achieve wealth for all Americans and we will succeed. That is America's history. A country that is dependent on handouts will become weak and stagnant.

After nearly four years, so many citizens have lost faith in President Obama. Although we want to believe President Obama has had well intended plans, hope in and of itself has not been a solution.

What do we know about Mitt Romney? Our direct contact with him after our purchase of his home, gave us the unique insight of him as a person. He was not the aloof, wealthy and selfish businessman President Obama's campaign has characterized. Quite the contrary, he is a caring and down to earth individual with remarkable intellect.

Each of us is a product of our life's experiences. Mitt knows how to create wealth, use, grow, save and invest it. And actually accomplish all these things rather than just talk and promise. This crystalized why we feel President Obama has failed and where Mitt shines. He actually has a demonstrated record of achieving consensus and building successes and, far more important, from those not initially supportive of him.

During the 2002 Olympics, he had the difficult task of managing volunteers rather than paid employees working for a business. It takes true leadership to motivate without pay rather than enlisting employees to do jobs. These things are for sure: Mitt is smart, practical, has more valuable and useful experience, is not motivated by image or being a celebrity, doesn't let others carry his bags and will not be corrupted by greed, the status of the job, or other people. Mitt understands why jobs moved overseas, what policies don't work, and most importantly how to get the jobs back.

Our experience with Mitt Romney is that he cares about all of us. He misspoke and was misunderstood recently when he referenced the 47%. He did not mean to imply that he does not care about all Americans. This is verifiable in two ways. First, Mitt has a long history of compassion to those in need by donating and giving so much of himself and his wealth. Second, this defies all logic and common sense and the history of every American president. It is impossible for ANY president to ignore 47% of Americans simply because such a president would be a complete failure in office. This false image, promoted by some news press and Mitt's opponents, is nothing more than political noise. Sadly, it is aimed at people who want to believe this claim and therefore may not take the time to think. On political matters such as these, we are wise to always consider and question whether it is actually true.

Whatever people may conclude about Mitt Romney, he is very different from President Obama. Mitt Romney's objectives are about jobs, improving our economy and the lives of every American. We should be less concerned about trying to determine precisely what changes would be made than our decision to elect a leader. Passage of any changes will take the support of Democrats and Republicans. Electing Mitt Romney would provide a new opportunity for our elected officials to seek consensus and address our country's problems. Clearly, a change offers a difference from what has happened the past four years. It will take help from every American to solve our country's problems. We are committed to electing Mitt Romney president. Will you join us?

Corinne & Hal Prewitt

Hal is a Florida farmer, race car driver, inventor and retired after creating a number of successful businesses. Corinne retired as a manager who ran Miami-Dade County, the 7th largest in the country. In the spring of 2009, they bought Mitt Romney's Park City, Utah home and wrote a non-political-issue story that has been widely circulated by millions of people on the internet. Available at www.prewitt.net/story.pdf More information on them is on Wikipedia wikipedia.org/wiki/Hal_Prewitt